Desert Lashes – How One Artist Unites the Innovation of NFTs

Desert Lashes – How One Artist Unites the Innovation of NFTs

Desert Lashes – How One Artist Unites the Innovation of NFTs


2021 has irreversibly transformed the dynamics of the artistic world. After witnessing the advent of digital forms of art, multiple artists have decided to leverage this novel experience. In a society that is increasingly adopting and assimilating technology, as well as every area of life, it is only natural for artists, who are commentators on society, to react and utilise the medium that is available to them to try to explain what is going on in the artistic arena.  NFTs are the first method through which blockchain technology has been used to interact with a large number of individuals in a meaningful manner.


A practising artist for many years, Desert Lashes, an underground Israeli artist, brings forward an innovative art proposition, by leveraging the innovation brought by NFTs together with the originality of physical art pieces. As a result of numerous inquiries as to whether or not he sells his works as NFTs, he decided to delve in more depth into the subject. Therefore, he decided to combine NFTs, that have dominated the artwork this past year, with real live art by providing his buyers with a free high-quality print of the graphics from their purchased NFT on museum-quality paper, which is hand-signed and numbered exclusively by the artist.

Motivated by a desire for people to concentrate on his work and his underlying message, Desert Lashes is not identifying himself by his true name. These works express far more than any concrete details could ever convey, therefore he chooses to separate his art from his own experience and attributes. 


Overall, Desert Lashes capitalises on the disruptive and progressive potential of NFTs and blockchain technology to reorganise and reimagine how we work, think, and create. As evidence of the artist's ownership and authorship in the context of art, NFTs give a one-of-a-kind and unambiguous proof of ownership and authorship by the artist. The fact that anybody owns an artwork has no bearing on how it appears or how it is shared digitally. Instead, it functions in a manner similar to that of an interactive trading card. Owning digital artwork is an extremely enjoyable experience with NFTs, since each artwork is shareable and tradeable among collectors, hence increasing its value. In addition, the buyer has a strong reputation because of his extensive collection of high-quality, original artworks. 

However, the experience of having your favourite artwork in your living room is incomparable for many people. After all, having the possibility to touch the piece of art is a more intimate experience. 


By looking at the works of art created by Desert Lashes, the complexity of his artistic vision exudes. By using the two extreme ends of the colour spectrum, black and white to create a dramatic contrast between them, his art series

“In the Dark” portrays characteristics of human nature. White is often associated with innocence, purity, and fresh starts. When it comes to colours, black tends to be considered more traditional and threatening, but it is also often connected with refinement, luxury, confidence, and toughness. With the principal subject matters constituted by hand gestures and distinctive features of the human physique, Desert Lashes' collection draws attention to the dual nature of each individual.

In previous art pieces, which are on the other end of the spectrum from the most recent collection, Desert Lashes captures the spirit of contemporary life in his unique work by blending vibrant colours with popular themes or characters. “Jokers” adapts emblematic figures such as Queen Elizabeth II or the Statue of Liberty with the distinct wide red grin and black painted eyes of the well-known villain. Furthermore, he draws inspiration from iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Bansky, Dali, Sebastian Bourdon.


According to the artist, Pop Art represents one of the biggest influences on his vision. Pop Art was the first movement to publicly proclaim the truth that advertising and commercial endeavours were, in fact, forms of artistic expression. When pop art first appeared, fads and styles were swallowed into a single phenomenon that sought to unite the whole cultural effort into a single visual style. Desert Lashes seeks to carry out this cultural heritage up to these days.


As a whole, the hybrid initiative started by Desert Lashes of combining physical and virtual art aspires to something more than just artistic expression. A portion of the funds raised will be contributed to Greenpeace Foundation, which works to raise awareness of the global climate change issue. People who choose to buy his artwork will thereby be contributing to one of the most pressing issues facing society today. 


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