About Desert Lashes Art (Shay Meidan)

So Who Am I?

I am an Israeli artist born in Hadera Israel in 1978, an artist by birth that has always been involved in creation since I can remember. contemporary, modern, and pop art creator, a graduate of art studies at Camera Obscura Tel Aviv 2002-2004 and Minshar Art College Tel Aviv 2004-2006. Creates unique bold and colorful art. inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol, Banksy, Pink Floyd, Dali, and more.

What inspired me to open Desert Lashes Art Gallery?

What inspired me to open Desert Lashes Art Gallery was my understanding during the Covid pandemic after 15 years of working in the business world (restaurants and real estate) and after the age of 40 and something that life is short and that I must give expression to my natural urge and desire to produce visual art with a statement and bring my art out into the world

When, where, and how did I start Desert Lashes art gallery?

I started the Gallery at the end of 2021 during a long period of lockdowns due to the Covid pandemic after I started uploading artwork to my Instagram account and received a lot of comments and great feedback about my work.

Why does my gallery exist?

My gallery exists to allow private individuals who love art and design and professionals from the fields of design to enjoy a wide range of unique and special works of art for home design, commercial spaces such as restaurants/cafes/offices/hotels, etc. as well as art collectors looking for unique, one of a kind and limited additions works of art. 

What is my ideal vision of the world? 

My ideal is to share the art I create with a wide variety of people of all kinds and to connect people through art and through the belief that the language of art is a common language for all human beings

What are my top 3 conscious business values?

My conscious business values ​​are

 Personal service for each customer.

Quick and optimal response to every customer request.

Creating and delivering quality and unique Art at the highest level

Who is my gallery audience?

Desert Lashes Art Gallery is the perfect place for art lovers, interior designers, and anyone looking for high-quality original art at affordable prices and free express shipping.

In the gallery, you will find original and unique artworks, Museum-quality Posters, canvas prints, acrylic prints, and Wooden Framed Posters.

What's my vision for Desert Lashes Art gallery?

My vision is to convey my artistic statement and bring beauty, color, and quality art to as many people as possible 

How Is Desert Lashes Art Gallery different from other art galleries?

Desert Lashes Art Gallery is different from other galleries because of the unique "fingerprint" of my art In addition to the special emphasis, we place on personal attention and customer service at the highest level.